2009 Sermons

August Sermons

Here are my sermons from last year beginning just after I took my first call!
Any comments on the new pastor’s sermons/progress thus far?

September Sermons

At the risk of announcing the content and subject matter before I actually know these things for sure … September’s lectionary texts seem to focus on wisdom … so hopefully there will at least be some meditations on wisdom.  Whether they contain wisdom themselves, well, that I will leave to others to determine.  Read on!  and Please comment!

October Sermons

The theme of Wisdom continues this month as the lectionary focuses on Job.  Mark continues to challenge me as a preacher and I find myself continually refining what I want to say and how I want to say it.  Luckily for me, I believe that God truly works through me even if I fail in my words or fail to put them together eloquently.  I must believe this because I could not otherwise feel confident in the effectiveness of giving sermons.  Lord, help my words.

November Sermons

Well the month ends with Advent, but I expect some of the month I’ll be talking about thankfulness as well. Let’s see what else the journey holds, shall we?

Advent Sermons (December included, of course)

Preparing for Christ in our lives is never as easy as just talking about doing it.  The question that resonates is “can we truly prepare for Christ?”  This is the paradox or tension of Advent and living in the reality of Christ, Emmanuel.  God is with us and will be with us … and yet God continues to surprise and we continue to be reminded of our need for Christ’s presence.  So we prepare to be surprised and we acknowledge our shortcomings and failings.  Though we will probably never be ready.  Even so, come Lord Jesus, come!


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