Easter Sunrise 4/4/10

Into the Light

Luke 24:1-12

  1. Little Deaths
    1. Not a Morning Person
    2. The Burden of Living:  All the little things sometimes build up, loading us down, pulling at our shoulders. 
      Responsibility, guilt, anxiety, stress … Sometimes we don’t feel like celebrating
  2. Little Easters
    1. Sometimes, though, there’s an excitement in the air that makes getting up easier.
    2. Other people’s joy rub off on me (ex. Classroom as the end of day draws near or as a holiday approaches)
    3. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most difference in the world.
      An unexpected card, the spontaneous hug of a 6 year old boy, an understanding smile from another parent at the playground, a brief conversation with a friend at the pool.  Kindness, joy, laughter, friendship, courage.
  3. Joyce Rupp’s poem, I Have Been Entombed[1]
    1. Jesus Christ redeems us, buys back our days and proclaims that our living is not in vain.  The little things that we do … they make a difference.

Little Deaths

Just daily living
Lifting our feet, moving on
Each day a struggle

Little Easters

Soft words, kind actions
Knowing we are not alone
Compassion saves us

The Victor’s Spoils

Jesus is alive!
Our living is not in vain
God buys back our days

 Jesus returns, proclaiming victory!  Christ is alive!  Alleluia!  Amen!


[1] Joyce Rupp, Fresh Bread.


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