One Year of Ministry and Counting! 8/15/10


A BIG thank you to all of you who were there to celebrate my one-year anniversary of ministry with you!  It was a wonderful meal with wonderful people.  And thank you to all who weren’t able to be there for whatever reason.  This year has flown by and has been filled with blessings and challenges and the wonder of experiencing God together.

I was given the magnificent gift of a stole filled with your memories, encouragement, and thoughts so I thought I might return the favor and give you some of the memories that I have gathered these 12 months:

It all started with a lively and enthusiastic search committee.  When we sat down to talk after my neutral pulpit, Ruth Ann rocked a 3 month old Matty while Jan Marshall gave Joe and Sam a tour of the nursery.  Even from the very beginning, you welcomed me as your pastor and my family as your family.  I can never express how much that means to me.

“Four men and a moving truck” made the trek from my parent’s house, to Joe’s parent’s house to our new house in Butler—newly scrubbed from top to bottom—and were met by a moving crew that had the truck unloaded faster than I could ever have imagined.

A stock-your-pantry welcome complete with recipes now tucked safely away in my cookbook and treasured as a lesson in hospitality and welcome.

A Haunted Prison experience and service in the rain with youth and friends.

My first baptism, first Christmas Eve service, Lenten season, Easter morning, first wedding … you have taught me more about what it means to experience God’s love together than I ever dreamed possible, when accepting this call.

I became a minister because I wanted to be a worry stone for people, reminding them of God and the comfort that can come from knowing God.  The most confounding and wonderful thing about sharing faith and joy with others is that you cannot keep from enjoying it yourself.  You have trusted me with your fragile moments, laughed with me when experiencing God’s blessings, and nurtured my leadership through your growing trust and belief in our shared ministry.

God can indeed do amazing things in a very short period of time, and I am so happy to be able to claim you as a church family, a cherished flock, and fellow disciples of the One who shows us the Way.

In peace and love, Pastor Karin

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