Summer Reflections 8/8/10

 Our theme at Vacation Bible School last week is a wonderful image for the Chris-tian journey. Whether you joined the Christian faith as a young-un or as a more mature individual, faith is an adventure. And it is an adventure that begins in wa-ter. Faith is not, in my opinion, some fluffy, abstract kind of thing that exists only to make you feel better. Instead, faith is a living, growing sentient being—faith feels things. It is alert, awake and conscious. It experiences our emotions with us and if we feed it, it gives things back to us.

The early church is a dynamic witness to what a living faith looks like and what it requires of us. Through stories of Jesus and the disciples’ lives after Jesus’ death and resurrection, the kids learned that God’s word is amazing:

God’s word is true God’s word is comforting God’s word is surprising God’s word is life-changing God’s word is for everyone!

As we live out our faith, I believe we encounter these five revelations at different times in our faith expedi-tions. Sometimes God surprises us. Other times (when we most need it, usually) God’s word comforts us. All the time, we can seek and know that God’s word is true and that God’s word is for everyone. What I would also like to suppose is that God’s word is life-changing, always – not just once when you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

One of the reasons we read Scripture and worship together every week is so that we give the Holy Spirit an oppor-tunity each week when we invite God to enter our lives and change it for the better, to change our direction and our perspec-tives. In sea-faring terms, God becomes our anchor and our compass. God secures us and directs us.

As the kids would respond to these catch-phrases during the week: Let’s go! Whether you are a weathered sailor on the high seas or a fresh stow-away ready for an adventure. Let’s go! Let’s be changed!


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