Who am I?

Avoiding existential crises for the moment,  I’m a newly ordained Presbyterian minister serving a small church in a small town in semi-rural Ohio.  I love church life; I love planning worship; and I really love being called to care for God’s people.  I am insatiably curious about God’s creation and how we can live and work in the world in such a way that the love of Christ may be evident in each breath we take. 

I have found that introducing myself as a female minister seems to stop conversation in its tracks so I am still trying to live into this new title of “Reverend.”  For the most part, I have met with only encouragement and positive remarks which has been helpful, and I believe that as I become more comfortable in my new position, more people will begin to see and accept God’s movement in each of our lives – regardless of age, race, gender or any other division that we may create.  I have two young sons and a wonderful husband; we are looking forward to ‘settling in’ for awhile.

Perhaps the more important question to identify me is how am I or where am I in my life journey … and the answer to that is I am content, happy to be here, eager to move forward and find God’s plan for me in this place.


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